Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tip Yourself work?

When you Tip Yourself, the dollar amount of your tip is transferred from your checking account to your secure Tip Jar. Whether it’s $1 or a larger tip for something special, it’s super simple and easy. Push a Button. Save Money.

When should I tip myself?

That’s the fun part. It’s up to you. Tip Yourself for your own moments of victory, big or small. It could be getting your butt to the gym on a Monday, or when you save some money. They’re your tips! You decide when and how you earned it.

Is Tip Yourself Safe?

Yes. Tip Yourself uses the same 256-bit SSL encryption as your bank. Security is of the highest importance. Funds are only available for withdrawal back to the same checking account you used to fund your Tip Jar, and all Tip Jar funds are held with our FDIC Insured Banking Partner, read more HERE

Are there any fees?

No, there are absolutely no transaction or service fees. You may tip and withdraw funds at anytime. No Fees. No Surprises.

How do I verify my checking account?

In order to move real money into and out of your Tip Jar, you need to verify your checking account. We do this using what's called "micro-deposits". Here's a full step-by-step guide to verifying your checking account: CLICK HERE

When are Tip Jar funds available for withdrawal?

Funds are immediately available for withdrawal as soon as they clear into your Tip Jar. Tip Yourself uses ACH transactions to move money from your checking account to your tip jar. These transactions typically take 3 business days to process.

Where is Tip Yourself available?

Currently Tip Yourself is available for Banks and Credit Unions within the United States.

When will Tip Yourself be available on Android?

It's available now! Google Play Store Link.

Have additonal questions?

We are always available. Please visit the Help Center.